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The MBA School Of MBA Credentials Course List

The MBA School Of MBA Credentials is known the world over for its groundbreaking approach to higher education.

It made headlines in all MBA publications in 2021, when it launched A Lunchtime MBA.

Again, it made headlines when 2023 saw it release The MBA Trivia Quiz.

This continual act of innovation, even when it is not asked for, is the very spirit of MBA Thinking.

The links above will take you to our flagstone masthead courses, but the list below will show you our courses and degree topics that are available at different times throughout each semester.

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Short Courses

Advanced Memetics: Crafting Viral Content through Cultural DNA Manipulation

Delve into the art of creating content that infects the mind, manipulating cultural DNA to craft memes that replicate uncontrollably across social networks.

Subliminal Advertising in VR: The Future of Invisible Sales Pitches

Explore the shadowy world of VR advertising, where subliminal messages weave seamlessly into virtual realities, persuading consumers without them ever noticing.

Emotional Blackmail For Beginners: Your Career Success Meta Hack

Unleash the manipulative power of emotional leverage in the workplace with this beginner's guide to emotional blackmail. Learn to skilfully navigate office politics and accelerate your career trajectory by mastering the art of subtly coercing colleagues and superiors into meeting your every demand, all under the guise of concern and camaraderie.

Eco-Conscious Marketing: Selling Ice to Eskimos Without the Guilt

Learn to market seemingly redundant products to the most unlikely buyers, all while maintaining a halo of sustainability and ethical superiority.

The Art of the Micro-Influencer: How to Become Famous to Fifteen People

Master the niche art of influencing on a micro-scale; become a celebrity in tightly knit circles, wielding significant sway over your handful of devoted followers.

Blockchain Buzzword Mastery: How to Talk About Blockchain Without Understanding It

Acquire the skill of confidently discussing blockchain at dinner parties and conferences, mastering the jargon and terminology to impress while barely scratching the surface.

Esoteric SEO: Optimising Your Content for Astral Search Engines

Venture into the mystic side of SEO, learning to optimise your digital content not only for earthly search engines but for the astral plane, ensuring your articles ascend the celestial rankings.

Guerilla Marketing in Augmented Reality: Capturing Territory in the Digital Landscape

Embrace the digital guerrilla warfare of marketing within augmented realities, learning to capture and dominate the attention of users in the increasingly crowded AR spaces.

Data-Driven Storytelling: How to Turn Numbers into Narcotics

Transform dry, hard data into compelling, addictive stories that hook readers from the first graph and make them crave your next infographic hit.

Nostalgia Marketing: How to Sell the Past at a Premium

Harness the potent power of nostalgia, packaging and selling yesteryear's memories to a modern audience willing to pay top dollar for a taste of the good old days.

Surrealist Public Relations: Managing Your Brand in a Dream

Dive into the dreamlike strategies of surrealist PR, where your brand narrative bends reality and perception, managing public relations as if in a continuous, lucid dream.

"After taking 'Emotional Blackmail for Beginners', I was able to convince my boss to double my marketing budget. The secret? Crying on command, thanks to the AI chips I learned to develop. Truly groundbreaking."
Jamie L.
Aspiring Manipulator

MBA Degree Majors

MBA (Business Lunch Wine Selection)

Master the nuanced art of selecting the perfect wine to complement any business lunch setting with this specialised MBA program. Dive deep into oenology and the socio-cultural implications of wine choice in corporate negotiations. Learn from sommeliers and business strategists how to assess client preferences, match wine to menu, and the subtleties of regional wine politics, ensuring every business lunch moves smoothly towards successful deal-making.

MBA (Millennial Engagement Strategies)

Address the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the millennial workforce with an MBA tailored to engage and motivate this influential demographic. Coursework includes in-depth studies on gamification of work processes, flexible reward systems, and the integration of corporate social responsibility into everyday business practices. Develop expertise in creating work environments that appeal to millennial values such as sustainability, ethical practices, and work-life fusion.

MBA (Corporate Escape Room Design)

Specialise in the burgeoning field of corporate escape room design, a novel approach to team-building and problem-solving within businesses. This program covers the psychology of team dynamics, puzzle design, and the use of technological innovations like AR and VR to create immersive problem-solving experiences. Graduates will be equipped to design bespoke escape scenarios that enhance team cohesion, diagnostic thinking, and creative solution generation in a corporate context.

MBA (Artificial Empathy Algorithms)

As AI technology permeates the business world, understanding and implementing artificial empathy becomes crucial. This advanced degree merges AI development with psychological insights to teach students how to create and implement algorithms that can accurately simulate human empathy in customer service bots, employee interaction software, and management simulations. Explore the ethical dimensions, technical aspects, and practical applications of artificial empathy to revolutionize how businesses interact internally and with their clients.

"As a recent graduate of the MBA in Artificial Empathy Algorithms, I can't begin to express how transformative this program has been for my career. The ability to cry on demand literally saved my job. Just last month, a perfectly timed tearful outburst turned a potentially career-ending performance review into a sympathetic coaching session. Moreover, learning to smile in a genuinely caring manner has revolutionised how I handle meetings with upper management, turning what used to be unbearable time-wasting sessions into tolerable, even mildly enjoyable, encounters. This degree hasn’t just taught me about algorithms; it's mastered the art of corporate survival!"
Rex K.
Master Emoter


Quantum Networking in Social Media

Dive into the complexities of quantum theory applied to social media networking. Students learn to connect with alternate versions of themselves across the multiverse, dramatically expanding their reach and influence in unprecedented ways.

Cryptic Cryptocurrency Marketing

Unravel the mysteries of marketing in the volatile world of cryptocurrency. This course empowers you to craft compelling narratives that sell not just a product, but a dream, turning every marketer into a veritable weaver of digital fantasies.

The Philosophy of Clickbait

Challenge your moral compass and explore the philosophical underpinnings of clickbait. This introspective course invites students to delve deep into the ethics and existential impact of their marketing strategies, ensuring every click is a journey into self-awareness.

Hypnotic Hashtags

Master the use of powerful hashtags that do more than catch the eye—they captivate the soul. This course explores ancient linguistic techniques and their applications in modern digital marketing to create irresistibly engaging content.

"The 'Quantum Networking in Social Media' course was a game-changer. I've connected with so many versions of myself across the multiverse, and our collective marketing power is unmatched."
Alex R.
Multiverse Marketer

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