Steve Davis as Professor Flint for A Lunchtime MBA at Treasury 1860 during Adelaide Fringe 2021

How to earn your MBA over lunch

Forget 2-year MBAs or 12-month MBAs or 3-month intensive MBAs, The MBA School Of MBA Credentials can now deliver A Lunchtime MBA®. Don’t hold back your career to the slow beat of tradition’s drum, set your own tempo today! We hold intakes throughout the year and also can conduct Dinnertime MBA® sessions for private and corporate groups.

Who is it for?

A Lunchtime MBA® is for anybody who's been thinking about the lifechanging majesty that comes from having "those letters" after their name, or for people who want public recognition for their spirit of curiosity and optimism. We believe the simple act of registering and turning up for our educational and entertaining "business lunch & learn" is all the proof we need to show you are worthy of our MBA.

our teaching team

Professor Sebastian Longsword

Sebastian Longsword


The founder of The MBA School Of MBA Credentials. Much loved and revered by all, including himself in the most humble of ways. Author of the paper, Satisfying Your Subordinates – How A Coffee A Day Keeps Mutiny Away.

Ass Pro Robert Lloyd - The MBA School Of MBA Credentials

Robert Lloyd

Ass Pro

Mentor to Professor Longsword and chief engineer behind the School’s proprietary academic paper generator, Mark It Up. Author of Personality Of A Dead Fish – Why Your Org Chart Degustation Needs A Boring Leader On The Menu.

Hon Pro Glynn Nicholas

Glynn Nicholas

Hon Pro

Chief Performance Officer and creator of the popular elective, Bring Your Bongo To Work – Mastering Your Pupppet For Pleasure And Profit. Also, author of the paper, Mime Your Way To A Million – Bask In A Realistic Illusion Of Success.

Because victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win, I would have heartily endorsed A Lunchtime MBA had I lived long enough to experience it. This is because Professor Longsword truly understands that wise warriors only enter battles they know they can win.
Sun Zhu
The Art Of War


Learn from, and dine with, the very best

Join our very special A Lunchtime MBA and start building the most wanted career available today. We make sure every student in every class graduates. All it takes is interest, desire, and ability to pay some extra fees when necessary. From Mellow Monday to Savvy Sunday, we will teach you habits to make you highly effective in a way that would astound Stephen Covey.

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Monday - Friday: 08:30 - 17:00 Hrs
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Subscribe below for the professor's wise applications of MBA Thinking

The professor values your privacy and promises not to spam you!