Tackling Repetition Blindness through the Adelaide March 4 Justice event

March 13, 2021
Tackling Repitition Blindness through the Adelaide March 4 Justice event

Some people believe The MBA School Of MBA Credentials exists in an alternative universe but whether or not that’s true, there are universal issues that demand vigilance and the lifting of heads out of books, no matter which dimension or era one exists in.

And one such issue is the need for justice and action against gendered violence in workplaces and in our political and criminal justice systems.

As a team, we discussed what we might do to support Monday’s Adelaide March 4 Justice event, which coincides with one of our Lunchtime MBA sessions.

While some people might have argued that the course should remain untouched, our MBA Thinking said otherwise.

You see, part of the reason this march is needed is because women still fighting a fight that should have been done and dusted years ago and yet persists due to many things including Repetition Blindness.

What is Repetition Blindness?

Repetition Blindness is that phenomenon of not seeing some things when they’re are repeated in a series of presentations.

Some people experience this after binge-watching episodes of Masterchef, Neighbours, or The Block; they all blend into one and you can’t discern discreet elements.

From a reading perspective, you might also experience Repetition Blindness if you read a number of Seth Godin or Stephen Covey books back to back.

Upon reflecting on the reasons for the March 4 Justice, I was reminded of why Repetition Blindness might be ONE of the reasons, due to a paper I read recently, Repetition blindness for words and pictures: A failure to form stable type representations?, by Irina M. Harris, William G. Hayward, Manuel S. Seet, and Sally Andrews.

You see, in the paper, Harris et al note Repetition Blindness is, “more pronounced for words.”

This means, you are more likely to gloss over and miss items when reading than when you are looking at images.

Given how many, many written stories, and articles, and blogs have been WRITTEN about gendered violence and sexual harassment, one would have expected the message to have gotten through by now, were it not for Repetition Blindness (among MANY other things).

Therefore, the March 4 Justice is a very clever and powerful tactic, displaying the sharpest MBA Thinking one can muster because it means politicians and citizens everywhere will SEE an outpouring of the depth of the issue and it has every potential not to get lost in a sea of words.

Ms Paige Turner to represent The MBA School Of MBA Credentials

In reading the messages from organisers about the March 4 Justice, we noted that it is important for employers to support any employees who can and want to attend the march in a way that empowers them and won’t cost them their wages.

Given that we have a fledgling staff, we had to choose one person to attend so that we could maintain our service delivery to our students.

Ms Paige Turner will be that person and we will ensure she will still get her full day’s wage so she is not penalised while representing our School in the good fight.

I will maintain the course delivery of A Lunchtime MBA during our Adelaide Fringe Semester, and be assisted by the owner of Treasury 1860, Anna Thomas, who gladly volunteered to step in and take Paige’s place for the day.

Are we doing the right thing? Seth Godin says:

You already have permission. You have permission to create, to speak up, to stand up.

Well, that’s what we’ll be doing in a small way and what thousands of women and men will be doing on Monday in a big way, all around Australia.

Event dates here.

PS As Paige and the Professor have looked further through the content of the March 4 Justice information, it’s been noted that Cultural Blindness might be the next item on the list for exploration!

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