You’ll Slobber Over This: Ingenious Money-Saving Invention by MBA Graduate

April 26, 2024
Ingenious Money-Saving Invention by MBA Graduate

In the realm of innovative business solutions, sometimes the most effective ideas come from the most unexpected sources.

This is exemplified by a groundbreaking product developed by an enterprising alumnus of The MBA School of MBA Credentials, Ralf Shepherd, who found a crafty way to blend cost-efficiency with a touch of humour.

While many businesses grapple with the costs of office supplies, Mr Shepherd devised a unique method to reduce expenses during client meetings.

Inspired by the companionship of his dog at work, he observed that few clients accepted tea or biscuits after noticing dog slobber on them.

Leveraging this observation, he developed an inventive product: a tube of fake dog slobber.

Go Fetch Some Dog Slobber

This product is no ordinary prank tool. It is designed to be tasteless, vegan-friendly, and, importantly, safe for pets.

The idea is brilliantly simple: apply the fake slobber to biscuits and tea or coffee cups before meetings.

The visible slobber discourages clients from consuming these items, significantly cutting down on the amount of office supplies used and thereby saving costs.

However, the innovation does not stop at cost-saving. It also ensures that these office supplies do not go to waste.

Once taken home, the biscuits and tea remain perfectly edible, thanks to the harmless nature of the fake slobber. It’s a win-win situation—what’s left uneaten by guests can still be enjoyed by the office staff or their pets at home.

From Dog Proverbs To Famous Canine Testimonials

“If you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, at least you can save on biscuits with a new trick!” – this playful twist on the old proverb is woven throughout the product’s marketing messages because research shows that even the most seasoned business person can appreciate a clever cost-saving measure.

Endorsements are arriving, due to some back room deals.

“Slobber Savers? Ruff-tastically effective for keeping those pesky snack thieves at bay!” – Scooby Doo, famous for his appetite, finds a new reason to appreciate snacks untouched by human hands.

“I’ve saved many a day, but Slobber Savers save your biscuits—and your budget!” – Lassie, ever the hero, now endorsing a product that keeps office supplies plentiful.

You Got Something To Say Against My Dog?

Ralf Shepherd, creator of this product, also ingeniously tackled potential complaints from clients with a dash of passive-aggressive charm.

Any disparagement from clients about the dog slobber can be met with a humorous yet poignant defense of the role pets play in our lives, turning a moment of criticism into one of advocacy for animal companionship.

This product is set to hit the market soon, branded under the quirky yet fitting name “Slobber Savers.”

“It stands as a testament to the unique and boundary-pushing ideas fostered at The MBA School of MBA Credentials. Not only does it reflect the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit encouraged within the program, but it also underscores a commitment to practical solutions, sustainability, and a bit of light-hearted fun in business practices, says Professor Sebastian Longsword, founder of the school.

As we celebrate this alumnus’ achievement, we are reminded of the limitless possibilities that can arise when creative minds tackle everyday problems.

“Slobber Savers” is more than just a product; it’s a reflection of how a simple, playful idea can have a practical impact on the world of business, proving once again that our alumni are equipped not just to succeed in the business world, but to transform it.

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