MBA Mindfulness Meditation

August 8, 2022
MBA Mindfulness Meditation with Professor Sebastian Longsword

During my recent sabbatical I subscribed to a wonderful mindfulness meditation app called Waking Up, which has inspired me to produce the world’s first MBA Mindfulness Meditation.

Sam Harris is the neuroscientist behind the Waking Up app and he described the enterprise of mindfulness meditation in an interview with The Minimalists, in which he said:

There are different levels at which one can engage a practice like “mindfulness”. For many people, it will be like an executive stress ball—a tool for feeling a little better and improving one’s performance. However, if one becomes deeply involved in the practice, it becomes more like the Large Hadron Collider—a means of discovering something fundamental, in this case about the nature of our minds. Perhaps the most important thing one can discover through the practice of meditation is that the “self”—the conventional sense of being a subject, a thinker, an experiencer living inside one’s head—is an illusion.

Does that have you intrigued and curious?

I. for one, would love a world in which the “self” gets out of the way of our pure experience of MBA living, of being channels of focussed marketing insight in which we appreciate and contribute to the eternal cycle of the exchange of value.

Prepare yourself for your first MBA Mindfulness Meditation

It’s quite simple to prepare yourself for your first MBA Mindfulness Meditation. All you really need to do is be “mindful” about where you’ll place yourself and to download the audio or hit play on the video.

Right-click to download Professor Longsword’s MBA Mindfulness Meditation audio file

Now that you have chosen HOW you’d like my guidance to come into your life, let’s turn to WHERE this should happen.

And location is not only important for real estate agents flogging off dodgy buildings, it can make or break your engagement and attention.

For example, the reason we hold our weekly faculty meetings in the School’s hot tub is because the tingling sensation of bubbles upon our skin and the occasional, accidental caress of a colleague’s toenails, keeps us ever present and efferfescent at the same time.

If you’re not sure where to sit quietly for 13 or so minutes, just sit where you are; at the kitchen table, at your office desk, in a restaurant, on the train (check your journey still has 13+ minutes to run, otherwise, you might take the challenge of losing your “self” too literally), or even sitting at the zoo in front of an animal enclosure (being careful not to choose animals that fling faeces at observers).

Finally, it’s time to enter the world of a guided MBA Mindfulness Meditation, in which I will share select passages from Professor Philip Kotler’s seminal work, Marketing. PS I did a wine and book pairing with Marketing by Kotler et al, here.

Please share your meditation experiences with me in the comments below, or by contacting me at The MBA School Of MBA Credetials.

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