The AI-MBA Paradigm: Engineering Success Through Hyper-Personalisation

April 21, 2022
The AI-MBA Paradigm: Engineering Success Through Hyper-Personalisation and Bespoke Degrees at The MBA School Of MBA Credentials

In an academic world cluttered with traditional MBA programmes that mimic each other like rows of grey suits in a businessperson’s closet, The MBA School of MBA Credentials stands as a beacon of innovation and personality.

At the helm of this vibrant institution is Professor Sebastian Longsword, a maverick educator whose flamboyant style and piercing intellect have reshaped how we conceive of business education.

Gone are the days of mundane, cookie-cutter MBA programs that fail to grasp the shifting dynamics of modern students’ lives and ambitions.

Here, the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) goes beyond mere administrative automation or data analysis; it’s about crafting a bespoke educational journey that adapts in real-time to the aspirations, emotional states, and personal challenges of each student.

The Problem Of Attrition At MBA Schools

Attrition in MBA programmes is a global conundrum, reflecting deeper issues of engagement, relevance, and personalisation.

Statistics paint a bleak picture, with notable percentages of students exiting their courses due to a litany of dissatisfactions.

Traditional approaches, with their rigid structures and one-size-fits-all curriculums, often exacerbate these issues, turning what should be a transformative educational experience into a mundane chore.

It’s not uncommon for lecturers and professors to receive a barrage of “quirky excuses” for bailing out of courses, including these examples from our hacking into the personnel files of seven Australian universities during 2022:

  • “I had to drop out because my spirit animal, a sloth, told me in a dream that it wasn’t the right time.” – Timothy Q., Former MBA Aspirant
  • “I left because the programme couldn’t align with my life’s mission as dictated by the Venus retrograde.” – Felicity W., Astrologically Guided Learner
  • “I withdrew because the coffee was subpar; how can one be expected to conquer the world on bad coffee?” – Clara D., Coffee Connoisseur
  • “I left the course because the Wi-Fi at my favourite café couldn’t handle the download size of the lecture PDFs. It was clearly a sign.” – Sandra F., Cafe Connoisseur
  • “The only reason I considered quitting was that my horoscope advised me against any serious commitments this year; Mercury was in retrograde after all.” – Jasper M., Zodiac Enthusiast

In this paper, we ask you to imagine an MBA programme where courses adapt to students’ daily lives, not the other way around.

At The MBA School of MBA Credentials, we don’t just teach marketing; we market a tailor-made educational experience using the latest AI technology to ensure that every student not only starts but also finishes their degree with us.

As we say in our marketing, why settle for less when AI can craft your perfect MBA experience?

Outline Of This Paper Based On Common Reasons For Opting Out Of MBA Studies

By using AI to hyper-personalise and dynamically adjust MBA education, The MBA School of MBA Credentials not only addresses the common reasons students drop out but turns those reasons into unique selling points of the program at our school.

This AI-driven approach ensures that every student feels that their course is uniquely theirs, perfectly aligned with their schedules, career goals, and personal interests, making the education they receive not just a degree but a life-enhancing journey.

For clarity, this paper will look into each of the main reasons cited for abandoning an MBA in Marketing, and contrast the scenario with the alternative approach embraced by The MBA School Of MBA Credentials. To that end, here is the outline of this paper:

  1. Lack of Motivation:
    • AI-Generated Hyper-Personalised Course Titles
    • Dynamic Content Adjustment
  2. Financial Constraints:
    • ROI-Optimised Course Pathways
    • Micro-Credentialing and Modular Pricing
  3. Personal Reasons:
    • Life-Compatible Scheduling
    • Emotional Support AI
  4. Not the Best Fit for Their Career Goals:
    • Career Goal Adaptation
    • Continuous Career Alignment
  5. Conclusion and Recommendations

I. Lack Of Motivation

One of the most insidious threats to any student’s academic journey, particularly in the demanding arena of an MBA programme, is a loss of motivation, second only to impoverished wine lists in school canteens (but that will be the subject of a separate paper).

At The MBA School of MBA Credentials, we confront this challenge not with platitudes but with potent AI ingenuity.

Leveraging advanced algorithms and deep learning, our AI system crafts not just courses but captivating academic adventures tailored to ignite and sustain student enthusiasm.

AI-Generated Course Titles and Content

The magic begins with course titles.

Gone are the days of stale, uninspired names like “Principles of Marketing” or “Corporate Finance.”

Instead, our AI conjures titles designed to spark curiosity and excitement, transforming mundane subjects into compelling quests for knowledge. Here’s a glimpse at our menu of AI-generated courses:

  • “Ninja Negotiators: The Art of Silent Winning”: Learn the stealth tactics of negotiation that can make or break corporate deals. This course combines psychological warfare strategies with practical negotiation exercises.
  • “Zombie Markets and Vampire Economies”: Explore the undead aspects of failing markets and how to revitalise them with sustainable practices that breathe new life into business ventures.
  • “The Alchemist of Wall Street: Turning Market Lead into Gold”: Master the mystical art of market analysis to predict and profit from financial trends with almost alchemical precision.

Each course is designed not only to educate but also to entertain and engage, ensuring that learning is never a chore but a thrilling journey into the realms of business mastery.

Psychological Principles of Motivation

Underpinning our AI’s approach is a solid foundation in the psychological principles of motivation.

The AI integrates theories such as Self-Determination Theory (SDT), which emphasises autonomy, competence, and relatedness as key drivers of motivation.

By crafting courses that students feel personally connected to, that challenge them just enough to advance their skills without overwhelming them, and that foster a sense of community and belonging, we maintain high levels of engagement.

Case Study: Re-Engaging a Wavering Student with a Twist

Consider the case of Jasmine, a second-year MBA student who was on the brink of dropping out due to a perceived lack of relevance in her coursework to her personal career goals in the non-profit sector.

The turning point came when our AI system detected her waning engagement and intervened by offering her a spot in the uniquely tailored course, “Heroes of Non-Profit: Caped Crusader Costume Wardrobes for Bonding Colleagues and Winning Strategies for Maximising Impact.”

This course, designed with her interests firmly in mind, dives into the unconventional yet effective strategy of using superhero costumes to enhance team dynamics and project identities in non-profit organisations.

Students explored the psychological impact of team uniforms and engage in ice-breaker exercises debating the merits of various colours and styles—does a cape in regal purple inspire more confidence than a mask in vibrant red? The course also covers traditional content such as successful fundraising strategies and leadership in non-profit settings, but with a playful twist that sees students design a ‘Caped Crusader’ persona to navigate through each module.

Reinvigorated by the relevance and innovative content, Jasmine not only completed the course with top marks but also spearheaded a student initiative to partner with local non-profits. This included organising a community event where team members donned their custom-designed superhero garb, embodying the spirits of their ‘Caped Crusader’ personas to raise funds and awareness for their causes.

This hands-on application of her coursework not only cemented her commitment to her studies but also highlighted the profound truth of Professor Longsword’s maxim: “Clothes maketh the business person.”

This example underscores how our AI-driven personalisation approach not only keeps students enrolled but actively excited about their education, turning potential drop-outs into dedicated scholars and innovative leaders.

The course proves that when learning is engaging, relevant, and a bit unconventional, it can transform the standard educational experience into an extraordinary adventure in personal and professional development.

II. Financial Constraints—An AI Financial Advisor with a Twist

In the ever-evolving realm of business education, The MBA School of MBA Credentials harnesses the power of AI not merely as a financial advisor but as a dynamic market-responsive pricing strategist.

This AI doesn’t just tailor financial advice; it adjusts course costs in real time, mimicking the fluctuating tariffs of the energy market but applied to education.

This approach ensures that our course offerings and pricing are as responsive to market dynamics as the strategies taught within them.

Real-Time Pricing Adjustments by AI

Imagine an AI system so attuned to global economic pulses that it adjusts the tuition fees for courses based on real-time demand, salary forecasts, and even media sentiment towards specific professions.

This system scans a myriad of data points, from corporate fee structures and vacancy salaries to trending topics on social media and news outlets, to gauge and predict the economic value of certain skill sets and knowledge areas.

For instance, when the antivaxxer movement cast doubts on medical professionals, causing a dip in perceived value, our AI might have temporarily lowered fees for healthcare management courses. Conversely, during the surge in demand for sustainability experts, as corporations pivoted towards greener practices, the AI would hike the prices for our renowned “Green Business Transformation” module.

Example of Dynamic Course Modification and Pricing

Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario involving a student named Alex who is interested in automotive sales management.

As the market for electric vehicles (EVs) booms, driven by an increasing consumer shift towards sustainability, the AI detects a surge in media praise and societal value placed on roles that promote environmental responsibility—including those selling EVs.

  • Original Course: “Automotive Sales Strategies”
  • AI-Modified Course: “Eco-Driven Automotive Sales: The Noble Art of Selling Electric Vehicles”

With the heightened interest and perceived nobility of selling EVs, our AI adjusts not just the course content to focus more on these aspects but also the course’s cost.

As the sentiment in mass media coverage shifts to view these roles as “noble and holy work,” the AI increases the tuition fees to reflect the elevated market value and demand for this specialised knowledge.

Not happy with your result? Our AI System will also let you trade in your degree title, capturing the depreciation of its value the moment you “drive” it off our school grounds, enabling you to put it towards a new model of degree.

We are also working on a fixed price servicing and tune up of your career output, based on a small microcredential course every 500,000 words.

Example: AI and Student Negotiating Course Fees

AI Advisor: “Alex, based on current market trends and the rising demand for eco-friendly vehicle experts, we’ve tailored your course to focus on electric vehicles. However, due to increased valuation, the course fee has adjusted upwards by 15%.”
Alex: “That’s quite a jump. Is there a way to offset this cost due to my interest in non-profit EV initiatives?”
AI Advisor: “Certainly. Given your non-profit focus, I can apply a 10% discount. Additionally, if you agree to participate in our community outreach programme to promote EV usage, we could further reduce it by 5%.”

The AI Financial Advisor at The MBA School of MBA Credentials redefines how financial constraints are managed, making the cost of education as dynamic and market-responsive as the stock exchange.

By linking course pricing to real-time economic and societal value shifts, we ensure that our students are always at the financial forefront of their education, paying prices that reflect the true current value of their chosen fields.

This novel approach not only enhances the financial feasibility for students but also instills a deep understanding of market dynamics—a lesson in economics in itself.

III. Addressing Personal Reasons with Flexible AI Solutions

At The MBA School of MBA Credentials, we understand that life doesn’t pause for education. Therefore, we have empowered our AI to offer unprecedented flexibility, ensuring that our students can navigate through life’s unpredictable events without sacrificing their academic progress.

This bespoke approach not only helps in retaining students but also supports their wellbeing, ensuring they remain engaged and motivated throughout their educational journey.

AI-Powered Flexibility in Academic Scheduling

Our AI system is designed to be extraordinarily responsive to personal circumstances.

It uses an advanced algorithm to adapt academic schedules around significant life events such as weddings, bereavements, or even the arrival of a new child.

By syncing with students’ personal calendars (with their permission), the AI can proactively suggest adjustments to course deadlines or reschedule exams and classes to accommodate these critical moments.

For instance, if a student adds a wedding event to their calendar, the AI automatically proposes a lightened study load for the surrounding weeks, allowing them to participate fully in their significant life event without the stress of impending academic deadlines.

Remarkably, students can submit their wedding vows, eulogies for loved ones, or wedding speeches as part of their coursework for bonus microcredential recognition, integrating their personal milestones directly into their academic achievements.

Integration of Wellness Modules

Recognising the strains that come with balancing academic life with personal challenges, our AI is vigilant in monitoring students’ online behaviours for signs of stress or emotional distress. This includes analysing login patterns and social media cues.

When potential stress signals are detected, the AI intervenes by suggesting personalised wellness modules.

Dialogue Example: Overwhelmed Student with a Wedding Conflict

AI Advisor: “Hello Jordan, I’ve noticed you’ve logged in and out repeatedly without completing your assignments. Is everything alright?”
Jordan: “I’m just really overwhelmed. Everything’s piling up, and with my sister’s wedding next month, I can’t focus!”
AI Advisor: “Would it help if we contacted your sister about possibly delaying the wedding? In return, we could offer her a voucher for the Professor’s exclusive workshop, ‘Academic Karma Sutra for Couples and Professors.'”
Jordan: “That’s… unconventional! Let’s hold off on rearranging her wedding for now, but I’ll take any help I can get with my assignments!”
AI Advisor: “Understood. I’ll extend your deadlines and include some stress management resources. And remember, your wedding speech can count towards course credit!”

Dialogue Example: Battling Streaming Addiction

AI Advisor: “Hi Sam, I see you’ve been binge-watching quite a bit lately. Struggling to keep up with coursework?”
Sam: “Yes, I just can’t stop watching! It’s taking up all my study time.”
AI Advisor: “What if I tell you how each series ends? Deploying our ‘Plot Spoiler Protocol’ could save you dozens of hours.”
Sam: “Seriously? Okay, go ahead. It might actually help me focus if I know the endings.”
AI Advisor: “Alright, in your favourite series, the butler did it! And in the other, it turns out they were on Earth the whole time. Also, I’ve summarised the final episodes and will block further streaming alerts during your study hours.”

The flexibility offered by our AI-driven scheduling and the proactive wellness support work in concert to provide a truly supportive educational environment.

By adapting to the personal lives of our students, The MBA School of MBA Credentials ensures that each student not only perseveres through their MBA programme but thrives, despite the challenges that life inevitably presents.

Through these intelligent, compassionate interventions, our AI ensures that our students’ educational journeys are not just successful but also enjoyable and fulfilling.

This is education that genuinely cares and adapts, reflecting the dynamism and empathy at the heart of The MBA School of MBA Credentials.

Section IV: Career Misalignment—AI as a Career Matchmaker

At The MBA School of MBA Credentials, navigating the convoluted pathways of career development isn’t just a serious business—it’s also an opportunity for creative (and sometimes cheeky) innovation.

With our cutting-edge AI playing the role of a career matchmaker, we ensure that students not only find their true calling but also have a bit of fun along the way.

Continuous Career Progress Assessment

Our AI system, affectionately known as “Career Cupid,” uses advanced algorithms to monitor students’ engagement across different modules.

It’s not just about analytics; it’s about personality, finding courses that students will love as much as a Brit loves a good cuppa.

For example, consider Emma, a finance enthusiast who unwittingly found herself enamoured with sustainable business practices.

Sensing her shifting passions, Career Cupid didn’t just suggest new courses; it proposed a whole new career lifestyle.

Dialogue Example: AI Advising on a Green Career Pivot

AI Advisor: “Hello Emma, I’ve detected a growing interest in your activities around sustainability. How about we turn that budding interest into a blooming career?”
Emma: “I do find it quite captivating, but I’m rooted in finance. How can I branch out without losing my ground?”
AI Advisor: “What if we spruced up your curriculum with ‘Green Numbers: Finance for the Earthly Minded’? It’s all about sustainable investments. And there’s a practical component too—garden duty at the school’s new eco-garden.”
Emma: “Garden duty? I’m not sure how my suit will handle that.”
AI Advisor: “Oh, it’s not just any gardening. You’ll join the Professor and his good lady wife in their pioneering venture of ‘Nude Gardening for Fiscal Growth.’ They believe in full exposure to nature to better understand natural assets, though strategic leaf placement is advised for school visits.”
Emma: “That’s rather… unconventional. But if it helps me grow my career prospects—and perhaps some prize petunias—count me in!”

Broader Implications for the Workforce

This meticulous approach to career guidance ensures that our students are well-equipped for the professional world, which values versatility and a good sense of humour as much as technical skills.

By engaging students in unconventional yet insightful activities, we prepare them not just for the boardroom, but for the broader world of work where adaptability and lateral thinking are prized.

Employers appreciate graduates who can think on their feet—and perhaps even trim hedges with them.

Whether Emma ends up a CFO or running the most eco-friendly landscaping business in the city, she’ll have the MBA School of MBA Credentials to thank for her diverse and holistic education.

At our school, AI doesn’t just match careers; it creates them with a zest for life and a penchant for the unexpected.

By embracing the full spectrum of professional possibilities, from the financially savvy to the delightfully earthy, we ensure that our graduates are not merely well-prepared—they are well-rounded and ready to tackle (or tickle) the world with their innovative thinking and can-do attitude.

This is modern education at its finest and funniest, where a stint in the garden could lead to growth in more ways than one.

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